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How do I use this website?

Browse our classes online
Click Classes from the left menu. You may search by keywords contained in the class name or description. View class descriptions by clicking the class name.

How do I print a receipt?
To print a receipt, sign in and select My Transactions from the left menu and locate the class. Under Action, select Print View and print your receipt.

How do I print my transcript?
Sign in and select "My Transcript" from the left menu. In the upper left corner, there is an export link, select the format you would like and print. 

How do I update my profile/contact information?
You may update your student profile at any time. After signing in, access the My Profile link to change any of the information. Click Edit at the bottom of the page. You may then edit any of the profile fields. When you are finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.